Commando Belt Pouch - black

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Upper: 100% Polyester, Polyvinylchloride coated
Lining: 100% Polyester
Dimensions: 13 x 8,5 x 5 cm

- main pocket with zipper and 2 integrated put-in-pockets
- front pocket with stuck buckle and patch molle loops and pen insertions
- additional molle loops on the side
- molle fixing system
- D-ring
- perfect for mobile phone, MP3 player, camera, etc.
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US Assault Backpack - Flecktarn 36 l

Upper: 100% Polyester, Polyvinylchloride coated
Lining: 100% Polyester
Upholstery: EVA foam (260 or rather 550 g/qm)
Total volume: ca. 36 liter
Dimensions: 51 x 29 x 28 cm
Weight: ca. 1.600 g

- upholstered back
- ergonomic formed upholstered shoulder straps, ca. 5cm wide, adjustable in length
- eyelets for additional material to fix
- adjustable belly strap in length with quick fastener
- carrying handle
- 2 big pockets with several zipper and net pockets
- front pocket with organizer and additional pocket with zipper
- all pockets with 2-way-zipper
- volume control and baggage fixation with compression straps on the side
- several molle loops
- integrated hook and loop pocket for hydropack




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Protective Pad Inserts
Our easy-to-use neoprene protective pads are made of 6mm thick neoprene. In order for them to work you just need to put them into your knee or elbow pad compartments. Ideal for shooting range, climbing, hiking or other tactical use. Ready to use with UTP®.

Product Features:
• Made of 6mm neoprene with one side nylon backing
• Can be used as knee or elbow protectors
• After trimming fits in: SFU™, SFU NEXT, CPU®, TCU™, ACU, USM
14,50 €
Pocket Stove

Body made of iron
Bag: 100% Cotton
Height: 8,5 cm 
Width: 5,5 cm
Depth: 1,5 cm
Weight: 56 g

- keep warmth up to 12 hours (when pocket stove is full)

- no fuel included

SKU: 15276000
9,00 €
OD Fanny Pack "Modular System"

100% Polyester
Dimensions: 34 x 16 x 8 cm

- practical belt pouch with big main pocket and 3 patch pockets with zipper
- main pocket with small integrated put-in-pocket
- modular loops to fix additional pieces of equipment
- wide abdominal belt with quick fastener
- carry handle

SKU: 13510001
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FOSCO - Survival Kit  ALU BOX

Survival kit produced by Fosco Industries, 
containing basic equipment to help survive in 
difficult conditions. In aluminum, sealed, 
waterproof container are: 

- Compass 
- Heater 
- Flint 
- Fishing set (fishing line, hooks, lead) 
- Pocket knife (scissors, knife, file) 
- Storm proof matches 
- A simple sewing kit 
- condom 
- Wool 
- Safety pins 
- Blade (scalpel/razor) 
- Salt 
- Signaling Mirror 
- Copper wire 
- Pencil 
- Emergency whistle 
- Adhesive tape with bandage (1m) 
- Adhesive plasters (10 pcs) 
- Commando Saw 
- Waterproof container for matches 
- Adhesive patches to repair tent, bivy bag, etc. (3 pcs) 

Container dimensions: 13.5 x 9.5 x 3.5 cm 
Weight: about 200g

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