FOSCO - Survival Kit ALU BOX

Brand: FOSCO

Survival kit produced by Fosco Industries, 
containing basic equipment to help survive in 
difficult conditions. In aluminum, sealed, 
waterproof container are: 

- Compass 
- Heater 
- Flint 
- Fishing set (fishing line, hooks, lead) 
- Pocket knife (scissors, knife, file) 
- Storm proof matches 
- A simple sewing kit 
- condom 
- Wool 
- Safety pins 
- Blade (scalpel/razor) 
- Salt 
- Signaling Mirror 
- Copper wire 
- Pencil 
- Emergency whistle 
- Adhesive tape with bandage (1m) 
- Adhesive plasters (10 pcs) 
- Commando Saw 
- Waterproof container for matches 
- Adhesive patches to repair tent, bivy bag, etc. (3 pcs) 

Container dimensions: 13.5 x 9.5 x 3.5 cm 
Weight: about 200g

Sarnased tooted

Box: 100% Polypropylene

waterproof paper
fire steel
wad of cotton wool
signal mirror
multi tool (knife, file and small scissors)
wire snare
wire saw
fishing kit
fishing bait
sachets of salt (4 pieces)
safety pins (4 pieces)
sewing kit
vinyl adhesive tape
adhesive tape
zip-lock polybag
emergency blanket
plaited nylon cord
emergency poncho
light stick 4 inch

integrated solar flashlight in the lid of the box

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